How long can you survive?

Experience the nightmare together... you and 5 friends struggle to survive against one player that's playing as the Killer. When playing as the Killer you’ll utilize game-changing Predator mechanics to help you hunt down and eliminate your victims before they have a chance to escape.

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Choose from classic characters

You’ll play the roles of 5 stereotypical high school characters while co-operating to complete objectives and survive. As a survivor your goal is to escape from the scene in the truck. To be able to drive the truck you'll first need to complete a series of objectives.

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Explore familiar territory...

Explore familiar territory inspired by classic horror movie locations including the High School, The Mall, Suburbs , and the Summer Camp.

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Visit the FAQ section to find out more and how you can become part of the game’s development and gain access to the get into the beta version.

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From the community

Video update sneak peek, new team members, tons of new art, and more!

Hello everyone! Today we’d like to share a video update of an early sneak peek at the game. We wanted to share a just a small glimpse during a...
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Multiplayer update, ingame Killer reveal, and more!

Hey all! We hope you are having a great holiday season so far. We wanted to share some progress updates with you on the multiplayer architecture, gameplay prototying, financial...
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